Project Ezer

Project Ezer by ORF (SMO): A mental health wellness programme.

From addiction to dementia to schizophrenia, almost 1 billion people worldwide suffer from a mental disorder. The two most common mental disorders, anxiety and depression, costs massively to the global economy each year. The projected rise in economic loss is estimated at $6 trillion by 2030 world wide due to this.

More than half 58%of farmers have reported distress of mental health in India and Odisha being a agro-dependent state faces great economic losses for the rural dwellers or farmers where “Mental Wellbeing” is a trivial issue.
ORF intervenes through creating awareness, providing knowledge resources, holistic care services through technological inclusions to people with mental illnesses so as to improve their quality of life with dignity.

With COVID playing a massive role in further deterioration, we closely work with children and adults by by providing counselling support & providing psychiatry linkages, thus providing an end to end solution.


Navadarshan - Address Mental Health & Wellbeing of Special Children & Youths

Navadarshan – An initiative to support intellectually Challenged Children and Youths from vulnerable communities to make them inclusive through special education, therapeutic intervention and vocational skill training so that they thrive and lead a life of dignity.

ସତର୍କ (SATARKA)

Disaster & public health response ସତର୍କ (SATARKA)

Pre-Preparedness and research on Climate Change and COVID
Rapid mobilization and deployment of technical experts during disasters Relief, Rescue and Restore operations
(3-R Approach of disaster response)

Disasters and complex emergencies often have a significant impact on the environment. A key element of an emergency response is therefore the rapid identification and mitigation of environmental risks. Countries facing an environmental emergency, which includes disasters or accidents resulting from natural, technological or human-induced hazards, or a combination thereof, that cause severe environmental damage and threaten human lives and livelihoods, mental health often require technical support and specialized expertise to respond effectively, minimize adverse impacts, and recover rapidly. ORF responds to such risks at varius leves starting from preparedness to quick responses.