Project Ezer

Mental Health Matters (MHM) by Odisha Rising Foundation (ORF) works to address the mental health problem in Odisha, through a sustainable, community-based approach. We have reached to 1500 people to ensure the availability and accessibility of minimum mental healthcare services, promote mental health knowledge in general healthcare and social development and encourage community participation and self-help in mental health service development. The project also focuses on disseminating information on the needs of youth with mental health conditions, raising awareness of cultural dimensions related to mental health, identifying critical skills for self-development and social integration, and increasing understanding of support systems and access issues. We want to scale this project to all the districts of Odisha impacting more than 30000 youths by 2030.


ସତର୍କ (SATARKA)

Disaster & public health response ସତର୍କ (SATARKA)

Pre-Preparedness and research on Climate Change and COVID
Rapid mobilization and deployment of technical experts during disasters Relief, Rescue and Restore operations
(3-R Approach of disaster response)

Disasters and complex emergencies often have a significant impact on the environment. A key element of an emergency response is therefore the rapid identification and mitigation of environmental risks. Countries facing an environmental emergency, which includes disasters or accidents resulting from natural, technological or human-induced hazards, or a combination thereof, that cause severe environmental damage and threaten human lives and livelihoods, mental health often require technical support and specialized expertise to respond effectively, minimize adverse impacts, and recover rapidly. ORF responds to such risks at varius leves starting from preparedness to quick responses.